Kyle Bredenkamp

5568 W. Dove Loft Dr. Marana, AZ 85658 | 1-520-309-0531 |


Nearly-graduating senior in Computer Science who is looking for an entry level position in web development for after graduation. Loves to program, work in teams and overcome difficult situations. Experienced in many languages, including JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, Java, Python, C#, C, and C++.


Bachelor's in Computer Science | University of Arizona | 2022-05-23

Related coursework: Took classes in Web Development, Networking, and Database design. Full Transcript available upon request.

High School Diploma | Mountain View High School | 2018-05-23

Related Coursework: AP Classes in Computer Science, and Computer Science Principles. Earned a 4 on the Computer Science Test, 3 On Principles test.


Teacher's Assistant | University of Arizona | Contract Ended 1-1-2020 | 2019-08-19

Helped a professor teach students the basics of programming. Graded assignments, talked with and helped students on their issues, and maintained order in class. Also provided services outside of class such as office hours to help those who wanted it.

Computer Lab Monitor | University of Arizona | Presently Employed | 2018-08-20

Managed the computers in a university computer lab. Fixed network issues, computer errors, and maintained the order of the lab. Worked with Students and Teachers to get the work they needed done.


CKBSudoku | An Electron-Based Sudoku Game | 2021-06-17

An entire Sudoku game written in HTML and Javascript, using CSS for styling. Uses the electron platform to run as a local executable on windows, mac, or linux. Source code and binaries available on github, which is linked on my personal website.

HackAZ 2020 | US Debt Visualizer | 2020-01-18

This is a project I worked on with a friend of mine. It shows graphs of the US Debt, breaking it down by party and president using data available from the US Treasury API. Won with Two Donors, Hexagon Mining and USAA. Project source available on github and full project hosted on my personal website.

References available upon request. Contact is freely available at Phone calls are discouraged for first contact.