About me

Hi! I am Coppy (Kyle) Bredenkamp, a 21 year old with a passion for computing. I am from Tucson, Arizona and currently am almost there to getting a bachelor's in Computer Science. (1 more semester!). In my free time I like to play video games, chat with friends, and create interesting scripts and programs.

I have been programming since a young age and have had a love for computers fostered since elementary school. As for more details about myself, I do love chicago style hot dogs, dachshunds, JRPGS, and tinkering with things. I own many antique computers and have fixed a couple, building up a collection slowly, I also own many raspberry pis which I have used to setup printing servers, discord bots, web servers, and even used as a entertainment box with emulators and streaming services. My latest foray has been into the raspberry pi pico, a micro controller which lets you program and control basic electronic components.

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