Here is a list of notable projects I have created over the years spanning from high school to today. These are ordered newest to oldest.

Portfolio Website

Yep! This site itself is a project of mine, built from scratch and hosted on a server inside my house. Maybe if I get the time to I will make a page about it

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Resume Generator

Part of this site is another project, a dynamic resume generator. It uses a template and fills in the blanks with information pulled from an SQL database. It is planned to be able to generate a resume for a specific date/time, and have more elements in one. For now it just creates the latest resume that can fit on one page.

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HackAZ-2020 Data Visualization Project

This was a collaborative effort between me and a friend as an entry for the HackAZ hackathon in early 2020. It takes data from the US treasury's API and allows one to visualize and browse it. With breakdowns by president, party, and time periods it gives a decent insight into how the nation's debt has been shaped. This project won me and a partner prizes from two donors, USAA and Hexagon mining. Currently in the process of being updated with the new API, old one was deprecated and no longer works.

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The Arsonist's Trial

A game jam entry made in unity. A proof of concept for a roguelike where the player's only way to attack is to light themselves on fire. Difficult, but possible. Features enemies with AI that gains and loses sight of the player, some that shoot and keep away from the player, and a boss fight. Playable inside a web browser

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A simple sudoku app written in javascript and html using electron. Was created so my mom would have a simple, ad-free sudoku program to use on her computer. Maybe I'll host a version that works on my website as a web-app later.

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Something created on the most ridiculous idea, minesweeper but with an impossibly large board. It was planned to be able to support multiplayer and other features, but that all fell through as I lost the motivation after high school. I did a bunch of engine updates in my freshman year of college, but that is all that this project went through. This and Verts were an important lesson in scope and ambition and from now on I instead focused on smaller things I could feasibly complete before I burned out.

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A mashup of a rogue-like and vertical shooter, you were to go through levels getting randomly generated upgrades to your ship. Featured a dynamic content creation system that let me create new enemies, weapons, and items without writing a single line of code. However the scope of this project became too overwhelming, and since I was developing this concurrently with InsanitySweeper, I dropped it.

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I have been programming a long time, since around second grade. My first tools were Game Maker from YoYoGames, Visual Basic 6, and FPSCreator. I slowly went from drag and drop to GML, and eventually learned about computer graphics from following ThinMatrix's tutorials on creating a game using OpenGL and Java. While I still do have the source and binaries of these projects, I thought it was better to not list them here.

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